Gift Card Conditions

General Conditions of Use

This card is only valid for purchases in establishments in Gran Via 2 which accept VISA Electron.

It is loaded with the amount requested and cannot be loaded again.

You can consult your balance at any La Caixa cash machine, without having to enter any PIN, or by calling 902 200 202

Consult the expiry date on the card.*

The use of the card is limited to the balance available at the time of use.

In the even of theft, loss, deterioration or irregularity, the Gran Via 2 Shopping Centre reserves the right to substitute or cancel the card.

This card cannot be used to withdraw money from cash machines, perform illegal transactions, nor for any betting or purchases on the Internet.

Ensure you do not try to make purchases for amounts greater than the current balance on the card, as the operation will be denied.

If you wish to make a purchase for an amount greater than the current balance on the card, you should inform the shop assistant of the exact amount they should charge to the card with the funds available and you should provide alternative means of payment to cover the difference, if permitted by the establishment in question.

Keep the card in case you wish to return goods or obtain a refund for services.

Each time you use the card, Gran Via 2 Shopping Centre is authorised to deduct the transaction amount from the balance of the fund associated with the card.

You agree to protect the card as if it were cash.

Requesting, receiving and using this card imply the user’s express acceptance of each and every clause in the General Conditions of Use.


If there are not sufficient funds on your card to complete the transaction.

If a shop assistance refuses to accept the card.

If the electronic terminal used for the transaction is not functioning correctly.

If access to the card is blocked after you have reported that it has been misplaced or stolen.

If any circumstance beyond our control (fire, flood, communication error, etc.) prevents the transaction from being made, despite reasonable precautions having been taken.

If your funds are being withheld or are subject to any legal process or other impediments which restrict use of the card.

If we have reason to believe that the requested transaction is unauthorised.

The quality, security, legality or any other aspect of the goods or services which you acquire with the card.

Other Terms

If it is determined that any of the provisions in these General Conditions of Use are invalid or unenforceable according to the legal terms of any rule, law or regulation by any authority; the validity or the enforcing nature of the rest of the provisions stated in these Conditions will remain unaffected.

This card has been issued by “La Caixa / CaixaBank”, which reserves all rights to the card. To receive more information or additional help, please call the telephone number which appears on the back of the card.

*Once the card expires, the titleholder has a maximum of three months to recuperate the remaining balance by requesting a new card at the Information Point. After this date, the system does not permit the recuperation of the existing balance.

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