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15% discount on all products

  • 15% discount on all products

At Bosanova, we specialize in "fast fashion," where you'll find the latest trends in bags and footwear, always at the best price. Our product line is youthful and daring, with expertise in platform shoes and bags for both university and weekend wear. Additionally, you'll also find a wide range of leather footwear products, all current and produced in Spain. 

Bosanova History

We were born in Barcelona in 1986 with a small store where we sold leather bags. A generation later, we have conquered the city with over 30 stores and a "Bossa Nova" mission that perfectly defines our purpose: to fill the streets with a "new style" of accessories and footwear inspired by top brands from around the world.

"We are a family-owned company that combines its experience in the footwear industry with the enthusiasm and knowledge of young minds.

Shoes, bags, complem.
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