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KIKO MILANO is an Italian brand of professional cosmetics which presents a range of avant-garde make-up and facial and body treatments. Safe, effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty needs for women of all ages.

"Be What You Want to Be" is the phrase which sums up the KIKO beauty vision. Thanks to its extraordinarily wide and diverse product range, KIKO MILANO makes it possible for everyone to express their own personality with personalised products. A variety of colours, effect and sensations unique to the market to adapt to your style, skin tone and type, and to the specific needs of every stage of your life.

The identity of KIKO MILANO has its origins in the values of “Made in Italy” and in the fashion, art and design capital. The research into original textures and colours is combined with studies performed on quality formulas with guaranteed effectiveness in order to offer a perfect fusion between quality and creativity.

The result of the avant-garde scientific discoveries and the latest trends in fashion: KIKO MILANO continually renews itself with new products which are always in line with the varied ideals of beauty.

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