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At TEA SHOP Gran Via 2 you can find over 120 varieties of tea. Enjoy the high quality, freshness and complete flavour, along with all the accessories and food details you need to make teatime truly special. Come to our store where the enveloping mixture of aromas, colours and ambience will transport you to a unique world of sensations. Don’t hesitate to ask our tea-expert assistants for help; they will be delighted to help you find what you are looking for.

At Tea Shop we want you to enjoy taking care of yourself, so we invite you to discover the benefits of red tea or rooibos, known as the “healthy tea” due to its purifying effect,
which helps us to eliminate toxins and to control
cholesterol levels.

Discover our sweetest and most refreshing blends created with a base of red tea and you will soon notice the physical and mental changes.
Pleasure and wellbeing have never been so united!

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